Paw-fect companions at Stirling care homeRobotic therapy pets have become beloved companions of some of the Residents at HC-One’s Forthbank care home in Kildean, Stirling.

The home’s robotic cat and dog create a realistic pet and provide comfort to Residents, they both react to voice and touch, the cat purrs and meows while the dog moves and wags its tail.

One Resident commented: “I love animals and these a so life like you could believe you are interacting with a real animal.”

Forthbank Home Manager, Yvonne Graham said: “I am delighted that our Residents are enjoying our robotic therapy pets, the comfort and happiness they bring is heart-warming to see.”

Located on Drip Road, Forthbank care home offers short and long term care packages for older ladies and gentleman that require nursing care and nursing memory care, for those living with dementia.