Perfectly imperfect cupcakes for Ferndale ResidentsAt Ferndale Mews residential memory care and nursing memory care home, in Ditton, Residents enjoyed a lovely afternoon baking some delicious cupcakes. 

First, Residents put all of the ingredients into mixing bowls, then mixed together. They then took turns into placing the mix into the separate cake cases (which was a rather fiddly job) but everyone did a great job as a team! 

The afternoon was then filled with laughter and joy as Colleagues and Residents listened to some of their favourite music whilst waiting for the cakes to bake. 

They then enjoyed a nice cup of tea and conversation before decorating the cupcakes. 

Once decorated Residents, including Dolly, Marjorie, Michael, Nora, Freda, Nicolas and Ann, were finally allowed to taste their hard work and they were beautiful! The highlight of the day was seeing everyone interacting with each other and having fun.

Michael said, “I love mixing ingredients together its very therapeutic. However, I like eating the cakes once they're finished more!”

The Residents said they loved having a laugh and having fun whilst making the cakes.

Marjorie said the cakes were “Perfectly imperfect!”

Charley, the home’s Wellbeing Coordinator, said, “These are some of the best cakes I’ve ever tasted! They're delicious!"