Pet therapy at The Village care homeThis week at The Village in Glasgow, which provides nursing and nursing dementia care, Residents had a visit from a very special guest.

Poppy was rescued by Covid Coordinator, Beth, was brought into The Village and has become the care homes very own mascot dog. She is a 5 year old cavachan, is the most friendly and loving dog who is very happy with her new forever home alongside Beth. 

She is a very popular pup amongst the Residents, who absolutely revel in her presence when she’s around. Poppy loves all the attention that she receives, and Residents are more than happy to give it to her. Poppy often leaves them speaking about her long after she’s back home with Beth. One Resident said, “I really enjoy when the dog visits and I’m able to clap her up and have a cuddle. She is the friendliest little wee dog I’ve ever met” and others all enjoy being able to cuddle her. Another Resident said, “She is so fluffy and loving”. Other Residents also commented on how Poppy’s visit really cheer them up.

Barbra, the Home Manager also enjoys the visits from Poppy, she went on to say, “Poppy is so sweet, the Residents really enjoy having her around. They talk about it for days afterwards”.