Pet therapy with Mila and Rolex for Burntwood care home ResidentsThis July, four-legged friends joined Chase Terrace Residents at Chaseview residential, nursing and memory care home, in Staffordshire. 

Wellbeing Coordinator, Paige, brought her four-month-old Labrador, Rolex, in to meet the Residents today and it went amazingly! 

The Residents and staff loved him and he was very well behaved throughout the visit! 

Rolex is a very loving, friendly pup who will have a good belly rub all day, every day if he could! His favourite treat is a tasty rabbit ear and he knows that he has to give out a big high five to get one! 

Rolex was in his element as soon as he entered the home as he knew that he was about to receive all the fuss! He was in and out of Residents’ rooms, giving love as he went. 

Rolex even got up on beds for cuddles with the Residents who are cared for in their rooms, so no one missed out! 

Paige remarked, “Pet therapy is a really important part of our Residents’ lives as it really helps promote their wellbeing and lifts their moods! I am training Rolex to be able to do longer visits and eventually he will be in all day with myself on shift as a regular pet therapy dog at Chaseview.”

One of the Residents commented, “(What a) beautiful, loving puppy! I really enjoyed having him here as he was so well behaved and a pleasure to be around!”

Another Resident added, “Such an obedient dog. Beautiful and loving and very well looked after.”

Also, this month, on 15th July, there was pet therapy with fellow canine friend, Mila.

Carer, Chanel, brought her lovely little Dachshund puppy, Mila, in to provide some comfort to Residents. 

She was a little shy at first but soon came out of her shell, running around to get as much fuss as she could! 

Mila is also four months old. She loves attention, cuddles from others, and sleeps a lot so is always up for a nice cuddle on a warm lap or bed and usually has a nap wherever she can! She will soon wake up for a big hairy rabbit ear though as this is her favourite treat and she is always ready to give a paw to get one! 

Mila is more than happy to sit quietly with the Residents as she prefers the quiet and does not really like loud noises. She reminds one Resident, Judy, of the days when her parents had Dachshunds and had bred them from time to time. 

Another Resident, Rosamund, benefitted amazingly from pet therapy. Due to Rosamund’s condition, unfortunately, her motor skills have been impaired but when Mila was placed on her lap, her mood brightened and she wrapped her arm around Mila, pulling her in close for a lovely cuddle. Her facial expressions and the way she reacted was amazing and proved how important pet therapy really is. 

Paige said, “When Mila has given everyone a cuddle, she gets a tasty rabbit ear and heads home knowing she has done her job wonderfully!”

“It is lovely to see the Residents engaging with Mila and how well behaved she had been.”