Photo gallery in Hayes care homeEvery month at Aston House care home, in Middlesex, Colleagues keep updating new photos of monthly activities for Residents. 

Home Manager, Seema Sandeep-Jose, commented, “Residents love to see their photographs and their works being recognised in the home. They feel much appreciated.”

“Besides, photo display boards provide a professional, practical and fantastic impression as they convey so much of information to the families and Relatives of our Residents as well as to visitors who visit our home tend to get a feel of it.”

“It's wonderful to see photos of Residents participating in various activities like birthday celebrations, parties, trips out, music, dance and so on.”

Alice, one of the Resident says that when she sees photographs of her activities in the home being displayed in the home's notice board, it boosts her confidence and she feels all the more motivated to come out with creative imagination.  

Resident Marjorie says, she has made an album of all her collections of her photographs that display each on the notice board.

Seema added, “Capturing the simple yet precious moments of Residents, gives their families a real satisfaction that their loved one is being well cared for.”