Pirates and a party at NewlandsStockport’s residential and nursing care home, Newlands, has been very busy this month with a 100th birthday party as well as ‘Talk Like a Pirate Day’.

On 21st September, Kath who lives at the home celebrated her 100th birthday with a lovely little tea party as fellow Residents watcher her open her card from the Queen as well as a very special one from her granddaughter. 

Colleague Karen made Kath a cake which everyone enjoyed tucking into and all sang ‘Happy Birthday’ to make the day special. 

One of the Residents said, “That cake was delicious! I enjoyed watching Kath open her card from the Queen.”

Kath joked, “Thank you! Now I am not celebrating another birthday!”

Also, on the same day as Kath’s birthday was ‘International Talk Like a Pirate Day’. Colleagues dressed up as pirates and there was a lot of ‘Arrrgh’s’! and ‘Walk the Plank’ being exclaimed from everywhere. 

Everyone enjoyed watching the staff in their costumes. Resident Marg said, “I have put a skill and crossbones picture on the door, warning everyone to beware!”

Amcia Hara, Care Home Manager, said, “It was a brilliant day for all with lots of celebration!”