Pizza party and cinema night at Uxbridge care homeResidents at The Harefield care home in Uxbridge, made the most of the weather and set up their very own cinema.

Home Manager, Bex Axford, decided on the lovely idea to lay on a treat for the Residents and staff. She had the idea of hosting a pizza party as she has recently purchased her own pizza oven.

Bex asked each of the Residents and staff what their favourite toppings were, then went out to buy all the food. She made the dough herself and prepared all of the toppings which included pepperoni, mozzarella cheese, jalapeno peppers and olives.

As well as the pizza party, Wellbeing Coordinator James suggested we combined the event with a movie night. The minibus driver, Graham has he very own screen and projector, so he brought it to the care home and set up the film.

Everyone gathered around the screen with their delicious pizzas and enjoyed the old classic ‘Carry On At Your Convenience’. It was fantastic, all the Residents were laughing in the aisles and having a great time.
The staff and Residents enjoyed the pizzas and agreed Bex was a fantastic pizza chef!
One Resident, commented, “I loved how much thought went into make this day so special for us!”
Housekeepers Louise and Nimisha, said, “We loved the healthy, fresh pizza. It was so tasty and quick to cook!”
Residents can’t wait for another pizza party as they had so much fun!

Bex Axford, Care Home Manager, remarked, “We all has such a great time, its lovely to see the Residents enjoying themselves and having a laugh.”