Pop concert at Scone care homeResidents at Catmoor House care home in Scone, Perth were thrilled to have a pop concert at their home.

The fantastic performer Callum Wallace was thrilled to be performing for all the lovely Residents at the care home.

He brought along his acoustic guitar and penny whistle to perform some well know pop songs which the Residents loved. 

One of the staff members is a professional singer and was singing along to all the songs alongside the Residents. 

Some of the Residents got up for a little boogie whilst others enjoyed dancing along in their chairs. The staff loved the music too and joined in with the dancing.

The Residents absolutely loved the song choice and Resident, Penny, said, “The penny whistle was great!”

Callum wore a mullet wig which made some of the Residents chuckle especially when he was wearing the sunglasses too. 
Another Resident, commented, “That was fabulous!”

Jennifer Hendry, Care Home Manager, remarked, “Everyone loved the performance from Callum and the Residents can’t wait for him to come and perform again.”