Putting up the Christmas trees at WatersideThe Residents at Tipton’s Waterside nursing care home really enjoyed looking through the decorations and putting them on the Christmas tree to start the festive season. 

There were lots of smiles and everyone was really getting into the Christmas spirit. Colleagues and Residents discussed together the decorations they used to have up when they were living at home and how they loved to see their children’s’ faces on Christmas morning. 

Cynthia Ho, Pamela Garrington (pictured), Iris Delahay (pictured) and Edna Arblaster all loved the festivities and got thoroughly involved in the activity. 

There were many positive comments throughout, including “I love the look of the decorations, they are beautiful” and “I loved the children’s faces on Christmas morning.”

Fanny Mumba, Care Home Manager, commented, “Residents loved getting the decorations out and putting them on the tree. It certainly did officially start Christmas at Waterside.”