Queen memorial activities at the Beeches care homeDuring the national period of mourning, Residents and Colleagues at the Beeches care home, in Dukinfield, have been taking part in activities to pay their respects.

On Wednesday 14th September, a group of ladies at the home accompanied Colleagues to the local town centre, where they spent time looking at flowers and reading messages, as well as leaving their own thoughts. 

Residents enjoyed chatting to other local people who were also paying respects and sharing memories. 

Mary said, “Thank you for taking me to pay my respects to the Queen, she meant a lot to me in my life.”

Afterwards the ladies enjoyed a cup of tea before the home’s minibus driver took them for a drive to the local town hall to look at the flowers which were laid there for the Queen.  

The morning was quite emotional for the ladies, but they enjoyed being involved in such a memorable event.

On Thursday, Residents spent time in the home making a memorial display to celebrate the Queen’s reign (see pictured top left) and to show their respects for those that can’t get out and go to places themselves. 

The local council sent the home some pages of condolence, for Residents, Colleagues and visitors to sign and these will be passed on to Buckingham Palace. 

Muriel said, “To express my condolences to the Queen’s family has been thoughtful, such a lovely thing to be organised for those in care homes.”

Christine added, “(I am) glad we can be a part of history and express our thoughts.”

Wellbeing Coordinator Sade Smith, commented, “This was a lovely meaningful activity; being able to sit with Residents and help write or talk about their memory and feelings about the Queen’s death.”