Recorder group visits The WestburyAt The Westbury residential and nursing care home, in Wiltshire, Residents were treated to some live entertainment in the form of a recorder group,

The Hilperton Recorder Group very kindly came to entertain the Residents this afternoon. One of the group members was one of the Resident’s daughters. 

All the Residents enjoyed the entertainment in the garden, the sun was shining, the garden was beautiful, as all the flowers were out; a perfect setting for a lovely enriching, light musical afternoon of entertainment. 

A very proud moment for Resident June listening and watching her daughter perform for her and her friends.

The Residents had a selection of treats to choose from too, sherry, baileys. tea and cakes whilst listening to the music.

The organiser also gave a small presentation on the different types of recorders used and where they are found and most played.

Residents thought it was very enjoyable; sat in the garden with the sun shining and listening to the music.

One of the Residents said, “Something different. Nice light entertainment.”

Jacqui Evans, Activities Coordinator, commented, “A lovely afternoon enjoyed by all, it’s so good to be able to have entertainment again.”