Redesdale Court received a surprise Christmas performanceResidents at HC-One’s Redesdale Court, residential and residential memory care home, in North Sheilds were delighted to have a Christmas performance from the local primary school.

Preston Grange Primary School, held a performance for the Residents in the garden, singing Christmas carols. The children sung traditional songs recognisable to the Residents. 

Residents all came together in the garden to watch the children sing. One of the Residents was able to watch her granddaughter perform as she attends the school. The Wellbeing Coordinator made sure the Resident had a front row seat and the school allowed her granddaughter to perform at the front of the crowd so she could give the Residents a big wave.

At the end of the performance the children waved at the Residents and wished them a ‘Merry Christmas’, and for the Residents who weren’t able to make it to the garden, the children waved up at their windows.

Everyone loved the performance and said it was beautiful, some of the Residents even shed a tear. 

One Resident, said, “This is the best Christmas I’ve ever had,”

Care Home Manager, Daniel Ridley, added, “Lovely seeing the children and making the Residents day.”