Remembrance Day activities for Poplar ResidentsColleagues at Aspen Court care home, in London, organised a number of activities for Residents to keep busy, pay respects and remember the fallen.

Wellbeing Colleagues, helped the nationwide appeal and sold poppies in the home which raised a fantastic £25. 

Also, a group of Residents made some beautiful poppies to hang on to the outside railings for all passers by to admire. 

On the afternoon, the home held a vintage afternoon tea with sandwiches and cakes in the best china while everyone reminisced and told of their stories during the war time. They also had some war memorabilia out in the room from previous Residents, which included medals and uniform (see picture); which became something of a conversation piece all day.

The whole day was very moving with many people who had a tear in their eye. 

Colleagues Sharon and Debbie remarked, “The day went down very well and Residents particularly enjoyed reminiscing about the war and watching the ceremony on the television.”

“It was a lovely morning which brought back so many memories.”