Remembrance Day commemorations at The HarefieldThis month at The Harefield in Middlesex, which provides nursing and nursing dementia care, Colleagues and Residents have been preparing for Remembrance Day.

Remembrance Day is a very dear to everybody at The Harefield, and as such, they wanted to honour all of the brave men and women who gave their tomorrow for everybody’s today.  To begin, using instructions from the latest edition of Wellbeing Matters, Residents made poppy wreaths. The amazingly artistic Health Care Assistant, Amina Tifrac assisted Daphne, a Resident at the care home in cutting out poppies from felt and gluing them onto a cut out carboard wreath. After this, James, the Wellbeing Coordinator assisted Residents Irene and Judith in making their own poppies to pin onto their jackets. 

Once all of the poppy wreaths had been made, James and Louise, a Laundry Assist at The Harefield, accompanied Residents Irene and June down to their local War Memorial. They were able to pay their respects and take part in the act of Remembrance, which was held at the local church. 

June said afterwards that she really enjoyed going down to the local memorial and chatting with the families and children down there. She went on to say, “I really loved making the wreaths, its such a nice thing to do for Remembrance Day” and Irene praised the service that was put on by the church, “What a wonderful service, it was very moving”.

Louise also enjoyed taking the Residents out, she said, “It was really lovely at the Remembrance service, such a touching moment to share with our dear Residents”.