Reminiscence at Irvine care homeResidents at HC-One’s Fullarton care home in Irvine enjoyed some traditional household pastimes from sock mending to silver cleaning.

After dinner, Residents enjoyed a change from the normal activities with some household tasks that brought back memories of their younger days. Some Residents enjoyed mending socks and cleaning silverware, showing the team members at Fullarton how it’s done.

Everyone chatted about how things have changed since they were younger and explained different household tasks to the team who had not heard of a lot of them.

One Resident commented: “You forget how much things have changed since your childhood, it was lovely to remember and have the chance to do something I haven’t thought about in such a long time.”

Fullarton Home Manager, Nicola Ferguson said: “I am so pleased our Residents enjoyed their pastime activity, it’s great to reminisce about the past and remember things you thought you had forgotten.”  

Located on Ayr Road, Fullarton care home offers short and long term care packages for older ladies and gentlemen in Irvine that require nursing care, nursing memory care for those living with dementia.