Reminiscing with Blacon ResidentsAt HC-One’s Lauren Court residential care home, in Chester, Colleagues have been reminiscing with Residents on hobbies, family, friends and interests. 

Doreen “Do” Parry, 92, is a Resident at Lauren Court care home and enjoys taking part in the activities and being part of the daily life in the home. 

Do is well-known to everybody, and for many Residents coming into the home, is a familiar face from her years working in the local post office as well as the local community. Do fondly remembers her days in Hoole Lane where the children would come in to buy the sweets behind the counter as well as presents for their parents with their pocket money. She regularly keeps in touch with her friends and their families from her post office days and has many fond memories of her time there. 

Do prides herself on her late son, Paul and husband, Mick who were both mechanics, she said, “They were both very kind and gentle, very hard-working”. 

Her son, Paul, was key in helping Do find work once he had started school. “Paul came home one day and said that the headmaster was looking for a school cleaner, Paul put my name forward and the headmaster said that he wanted to see me the next day.” 

A keen fan of Perry Como, Do enjoys listening to music and taking part in the activities, including the crafts, quizzes and film afternoons. 

Sarah Molloy, Care Home Manager, commented, “It’s always a pleasure getting to know about the backgrounds of our lovely Residents. Do especially has been a fondly remembered figure in the community around Chester for many people.”