Resident at Glasgow care home gets kitted out for New Years EveA Resident at Quayside, nursing and nursing dementia care home, in Glasgow had a huge surprise to bring in the new year.

Billy Blake, a Resident at Quayside, brought the new year in, in style.

Wellbeing Coordinator, Yvonne O’Hara, arranged a full-dress highland outfit for Billy to wear on New Years Eve. Yvonne came in on her day off and gave the outfit to Billy.

Billy was very emotional, he said he had never had a kilt before, and he was very proud to wear it.

Other Residents were surprised and delighted to see Billy fully kitted out and some were emotional too, there were jokes about if Billy was a real Scotsman. 

Yvonne, commented, “When chatting to Billy previously he had mentioned new years traditions and that he had never had the chance to wear a kilt, and I thought I could arrange this for him.”

One Resident, added, “Everyone was very emotional and delighted that Yvonne took her time to make Billy’s day.”

Care Home Manager, Shaun Docherty, said, “Well done Yvonne, you went over and above your duties. How great to see Billy looking so proud and handsome, a wish come true for him.”