Resident at Newcastle care home turns 101!A huge celebration at Kirkwood Court, residential and residential memory care home, in Newcastle, for one Resident in particular.

Edith Bryant has had an excellent time celebrating her 101st birthday on the 12th of January. 

Edith was thrilled to speak to her brother in Canada and her sister.

She loved the Residents and staff singing ‘Happy Birthday’ to her in the reception area of the home. 

Edith was very thankful and enjoyed a lovely glass of brandy while the kitchen staff brought out her cake! 

She was overwhelmed with the amount of people who took their time to wish her a happy birthday. She remarked, “This has been the most wonderful day!”

John, a friend of Ediths and Resident at Kirkwood Court, said, “Wow! 101 years old! I thought I was getting older and I’m 79!”

Angela Douglass, Care Home Manager, added, “It is lovely to celebrate Ediths birthday, she looks wonderful!”