Resident at Quayside gets fishy!Resident Joe who is at Quayside in Glasgow which offers nursing and nursing memory care for those living with dementia, had been spending more time in his room than normal. 
Staff member Ross was speaking with him and during the conversation Joe mentioned how he used to keep fish and enjoyed fishing when he was younger. Ross then suggested to Joe that if he wished he could arrange to get him a fish tank for his bedroom to which Joe happily agreed.

Ross and Joe went along to the local pet store in the home’s minibus and Joe picked a tank, stand and some gravel and ornaments to be placed in the tank. He also picked out some fish with bright vibrant colours that he would like for the tank.

Now Joe and Ross spend some time each day feeding and watching the fish, which is something Joe looks forward to every day and Joe spends a lot of time in his bedroom with his his fish to keep him company.

Joe remarked, “I like the different colours that come from the tank, the colours of the lights and I like sitting and watching the vibrant colours of the fish whilst they swim around”.

Liz Campbell, Care Home Manager commented, “Joe's mood has lifted recently since the fish tank went in and he still spends a lot of time in his room, but he now has his fish to look at which gives him a lot of pleasure”.