Resident at Redesdale Court gets a lovely golfing surpriseDorothy a Resident at Rededale Court in North Shields which offers residential and residential memory care, for those living with dementia, got a lovely surprise.

After a one-to-one session with Dorothy, Stacey the Wellbeing Coordinator discovered that Dorothy used to be a member of a local Golf Club and decided to contact them to see if she could arrange a surprise visit.

Stacey and Dorothy left in a taxi to what Dorothy thought she was going for lunch, and it was lovely to see the surprise on her face when she arrived at Tynemouth Golf Club, her reaction was touching.

Dorothy was served afternoon tea with a view of the 18th hole and introduced to the secretary of the club along with the current captain of the ladies’ team.

Dorothy had also been the captain of the ladies’ first team after her parents who also played golf introduced her to the sport as a child. There were plaques on the walls with her and her late husband’s names on the trophies in the cabinet, it was such a memorable visit and Dorothy was also given a special book containing their names.

Dorothy couldn't believe that ladies were now allowed in a certain area of the club as in her day the men were only allowed (how things have changed) and thought the new outdoor seating area was lovely.

Stacey commented, “Seeing the golf course and 18th hole where she won so many team matches”.

Dorothy remarked, "It takes me back to my old life with my husband Tom".

Daniel Ridley, Care Home Manager said, "Such a lovely idea and example meaningful activity for our Resident".