Resident Christmas buffet at Berry Hill ParkThe catering staff at Berry Hill Park residential, nursing and memory care home, in Mansfield, asked the Residents what they would like to eat over Christmas. The Residents choose a buffet, and it went down very well indeed!

Head Chef Deborah, Cook Janis and Kitchen Assistant Lucy made a special tea for all the Residents so that they could try different foods and choose which they like.

The Residents enjoyed trying different regions of food such as Indian and Italian as well as the traditional salmon and cucumber sandwiches.

There were five different desserts to choose from; the lemon cheesecake and the chocolate orange cake, which were all homemade, and definitely a hit.

Pauline, who is a Resident, told Colleagues, “It felt really special.”

Everyone enjoyed pulling the crackers and telling jokes. 

Alison Cossey, Care Home Manager, said, “Trying lots of different foods enable the staff to ensure that the buffet on Christmas day will be food they all enjoy!”