Resident garden project for Blacon care homeUsing some money from the Residents’ Fund, Colleagues at HC-One’s Lauren Court care home, in Cheshire, organised for Residents to spruce up the outdoor areas of the home. 

Wellbeing Colleague, Rebecca, bought primroses, tulips, hyacinths and snowdrops as well as some summertime bulbs including lilies, freesias and a rose garden mix. 

Residents Ron Green and Joyce Jones were particularly eager to transform the garden, donning their coats, some gardening gloves and starting to attack and prune the weeds and overgrown hedges from the winter. 

Both Residents enjoyed gardening in their own home before coming to Lauren Court, with Joyce keeping a ‘nice little garden in Farndon’. Joyce particularly favours climbing roses, especially in a deep pink! 

Ron loved tending to his own garden and particularly his allotment, which he took over from his parents. He loved growing potatoes and carrots especially.

Rebecca, remarked, “It was brilliant being able to get our Residents involved in transforming our gardening. 

From weeding, to sifting through bulbs and filling the birdfeeders, everyone had a lovely time and finished off with a well-earned cup of tea!”

The Residents, particularly enjoyed the sense of achievement once the areas were complete. 

Rebecca added, “Our Residents did a fantastic job with weeding and pruning. The garden looks amazing and it really is a job well done!”