Residents are trying out lots of new activities at Greenways CourtThroughout the Jubilee week, Residents at Greenways Court, residential and residential dementia care home, in County Durham have been buy trying lots of new activities.

Each day across the Jubilee week the Residents have tried out something new. 

To start off the week of celebrations Greenways Court hosted a street party. All Relative, friends and neighbours were invited along to celebrate. The Salvation Army Band played lots of fantastic music, an ice cream van paid a visit and there was a royal quiz for everyone to join in. There was even a themed biscuit tin up for grabs for the winner of the quiz.

Later in the week some Residents took a trip out to the garden centre. It was lovely to look at all the different plants and flowers, as well as look in the little shops. The sun was shining, and it was such a lovely day.

Tessa, a Resident, commented, “I loved being out in the garden centre with my friends, getting some fresh air!”

After the trip to the garden centre, the Residents sat in the lounge to watch a muppet show which was amazing. All that could be heard from the lounge was laughing and singing along to the music. The Residents loved the show so much they have asked for them to come back soon.

May, another Resident, remarked, “I loved the muppet show I am so excited for them to come back again.” The staff are looking to get this arranged soon as everyone loved it.

Additional activities which was conducted at the end of the week was a game of royal bingo and a trained opera singer came to Greenways Court to round off the week of celebrations.

Kinga Kowaliczek, Care Home Manager, said, “We love to get the Residents involved in lots of new activities and they absolutely love it.”