Residents at Greenways Court take a trip to Derwent ReservoirResidents at Greenways Court, residential and residential dementia care home, in Consett, love to go out on the minibus, especially to explore new places.

Derwent Reservoir is located not far from Greenways Court and is always a fun trip out for the Resident. The reservoir is home to lots of wildlife, a café and lots of fun activities.

Two trips took place at Greenways Court, on the first trip to Derwent Reservoir Ted, Rena and Janet went, then on the second trip it was Maureen, Catherine and Sue.

The main reason for the trip was to see all the wildlife in the Pow Hill Nature Resort, as the Residents love to see all the animals. 

When the Residents arrived, they were given seeds to feel the birds and other animals. Ted held out his hand as if to through it for the birds but then a young Chaffinch landed on his hand. At first everyone got a fright; a picture was taken before the bird has its fill and flew away.

Ted, commented, “That was a fantastic experience, I am going to email this photo to my wife.”

The other Residents had a great day out enjoying the sunshine and taking in the wonderful views and wildlife. Everyone tucked into a lovely ice-cream in the sun overlooking the water.

One Resident, remarked, “We are so lucky to have this where we live. The scenery is amazing.”

It was a fantastic day for everyone involved, Ted added, “There is nothing better than this and I have travelled all around the world.”

Kinga Kowaliczek, Care Home Manager, said, “We love to see the Residents having a great time and exploring the local community and what it has to offer. We always have the camera on hand so we can capture these special memories too!”