Residents at Orchard Mews enjoy the company of the BT CompanionsThe Residents at Orchard Mews in Newcastle which offers residential, nursing, residential memory and nursing memory care, for those living with dementia, joined the BT Care Home Companions scheme, and regularly enjoy telephone calls from the lovely staff at BT.

Some of the BT team volunteered to come and spend some time, outside the building and socially distanced at Orchard Mews, transforming the courtyard and making it a lovely place for Residents to enjoy.

The team spent the day weeding, planting, tidying borders, and created a herb garden in an old fish pond.

The Residents really enjoyed watching the volunteers and chatting to them in person, they even gave some hints and tips and loved that the courtyard looked beautiful again.

Margaret, one of the Residents commented, “It was so lovely to meet everyone properly, and now I know who I'm talking to”.

Nicola Coulson, Care Home Manager said, “It was lovely seeing our Residents so engaged.  The volunteers from BT are genuinely kind people and we are so thankful to them.  Margaret is blind, and she loves to knit and really enjoys her calls from the team at BT.