Residents at ParkHouse welcome back friendship dogThe Residents at Park House care home in Guisborough which offers residential and residential memory care, for those living with dementia, welcomed back the long-awaited return from Wag & Co North-East Friendship Dogs.
Wag & Co North-East Friendship Dogs are the only visiting dogs’ charity befriending older dog lovers in their own homes as well as in care or in hospitals.  This service provides elderly people, often isolated and bereaved, with something to look forward to, some company, a chat, a cuppa and a cuddle with that much missed furry friend.

Harvey is a 3-year old black Labrador and is newly qualified to take over from his sister Daisy, who sadly passed away, she was one of the first ever friendship dogs and her sister Poppy will be visiting the Residents next week. 

The Residents’ thought Harvey was wonderful, and they wanted to spend as much time with him as possible, he obviously realised that he was here for a purpose and to bring joy. 

Andy, Harvey’s owner said for his first time he gave him eight out of ten.

Doug, one of the Residents said, “No, he’s a definite ten!” so Andy was delighted with this and said Harvey was an “enthusiastic amateur”.

The Residents were absolutely delighted to have a trained dog at the care home to play with, it was an absolute treat for them as they had so much fun.

One Resident remarked, “It was a joy to have a dog to fuss and play ball with”.

Julie Woods, Care Home Manager commented, “The Residents looked so happy to have Harvey here”.