Residents at Sheraton Court enjoy a carnival plus enter a gardening competition!
Residents at Sheraton Court in Hartlepool which offers residential and residential memory care, for those living with dementia, enjoyed doing the garden and entering the garden competition and a carnival!

The Residents pottered in the garden and decorated a fir tree with heart decorations to brighten it up and drinks were provided for the activities and everyone is awaiting the results on who has won the competition.    

Plus, to top things off, Colleagues had a good fun by dressing up as clowns to give the Residents their very own carnival with lots of games, food and a visit from the ice cream van! 

Inside and outside games were played, and the winners received sweets, plus to top things off, Colleagues had a good laugh dressing up as clowns and providing their own entertainment for the Residents which went down a storm!

The highlights of the day were when the Residents were getting an ice cream, Colleagues thought it was lovely to see their faces light up.

One Resident remarked, “Thank you, I have really enjoyed today.  I loved my ice cream and thank you for getting dressed up as clowns!”.

Carole Thomson, Care Home Manager commented, “It is lovely to see the staff and Residents enjoy themselves and build a lovely bond together”.