Residents at St Peters Court enjoy an afternoon of singing and dancingResidents at St Peters Court, residential and residential dementia care home, in Redcar, enjoyed a lovely afternoon singing and dancing together.

It was a fantastic afternoon of singing and dancing along with Colleagues and family members as local singer, Michael, came long to perform. 

The Residents absolutely loved having a dance and being twirled around the lounge. 

Those who didn’t feel like dancing loved clapping, tapping their feet and singing along. Every Resident was able to enjoy the afternoon, even those who were unable to dance enjoyed taking part by singing along to all the songs. 

There were huge beaming smiles, and everyone thoroughly enjoyed themselves.

Margaret, one of the Residents, said, “I am tired from all that dancing but I have really enjoyed myself.”

Jamie Stephenson, Care Home Manager, remarked, “Michael had the Residents up dancing even including their Relatives, it was so lovely to see.”