Residents at Sunderland care home have an exciting visitor from the North PoleOn the 25th of December, at Ashton Grange, residential care and residential memory care home, in Sunderland were treated to a visit from a very special guest.

Santa came to visit Ashton Grange! Christmas Day wouldn’t be the same without a visit from Santa!

Once the Residents were up and ready for the day, the Kitchen Colleagues prepared a delicious breakfast to get the Residents ready for a special visitor from the North Pole. 

When Santa came to visit the Residents they has such a wonderful time and were sure they had seen his face before!

Santa visited all the Residents and gave them a gift! Santa had a chat with each of the Residents and a mince pie before making his way back to the North Pole.

Resident, Maureen Coulthard, remarked, “I’ve had such a lovely day and it was great to spend my time with all my friends her at Ashton Grange.”

Lesley Dawson, Care Home Manager, added, “Christmas is everyone’s favourite time of the year, and today didn’t disappoint.”