Residents at West Sussex care home enjoy lunch at local pubThis month at Charters Court in West Sussex, which provides residential, nursing, and residential dementia care, Residents have enjoyed a day trip out to their local pub for lunch. 

Residents at Charters Court always enjoy a trip out to the Star Pub, it is one of their favourite places to have lunch or a nice meal. This week marked the return to the Star Pub in quite some time, which was very much enjoyed by the Residents. The pub offers a nice range of different traditional British pub meals at great quality. 

There was a lovely atmosphere at the pub with discussions between Residents sharing their past experiences when they used to work. Residents said they were grateful for having the opportunity to get out and about again. One Resident went on to say, “The food was really nice, we were needing to get out and have a change of scenery”. Other Residents also commented on the excellent food, with the portion size of each being quite generous. 

The wellbeing team is very happy to be able to continue with the arranged Friday outings, Residents have said they are glad to be able to get back outside. 

Melanie, the Home Manager said, “Nice to hear the Residents are enjoying their meals at the pub, they have wanted to get down there for awhile”.