Residents come to rescue for unexpected visitor at The GablesThis week at The Gables in Whittlesey, which provides nursing and nursing dementia care, Residents have helped with rescuing a frog.
Jane, a Wellbeing Coordinator at The Gables found an unexpected visitor hopping along the corridor earlier in the morning. She scooped him up in a container to keep him safe.
Residents came over to see their little visitor and many were very interested in having an up-close look at him as many said they hadn’t seen a frog so close before.
Once everybody had been over to say hello to the little visitor, he was safely released in a suitable place. Andrew, a Resident at the Gables helped choose a suitable place for the frog, he went on to say, “It’s a frog because its hopping, he will need releasing in a damp place”.
Other Residents commented on how lovely it was seeing their unexpected visitor and were very glad he got released safely outside. Another Resident said, “Nice to meet you Hazel, thanks for hopping by”.
Vicky, the Home Manager commented, “What a lovely and unexpected guest!”