Residents enjoy socially distanced bingo at Newcastle care homeResidents played a game of ‘corridor bingo’ today at HC-One’s Fleming Court in Jesmond, Newcastle upon Tyne.

With lockdown meaning strict guidelines are back in place at many care homes once again, Colleagues at Fleming Court arranged the return of their popular corridor bingo game.

Residents took a seat at their bedroom doors with their own table and bingo kit, ensuring everybody was a safe two metres apart.

Bingo is a great way for Residents to socialise, win prizes and exercise their minds.

Liz, a Resident and bingo champion, commented: “It’s great to be able to remain sociable.

I can’t believe I won! I love my prizes.”

Wellbeing Coordinator, Kate, acted as bingo caller with the help of a karaoke microphone to make sure everyone could hear from their room and no Residents were left.

Liz, a Colleague at Fleming Court, said: “Bingo ticked all the boxes today for social interaction and great cognitive exercise.

“Such a meaningful activity in hard times.”