Residents enjoy sunny Callands sports dayAt Callands residential, nursing, residential memory care and nursing memory care, Colleagues decided to do a sports day after Residents were discussing how their grandchildren could not do theirs in school this year.

So, after a lot of organisation and hard work, there were lots of activities to choose from, including ‘hook-a-duck’, ‘knock the boxes down’, ‘splash the clown in the face’ and hoop throwing games.

All the Residents who joined in had lots of fun and so did the spectators too.

They had lots of snacks and drinks and also gave out some prizes for the ones who won.

Residents loved the different activities and the change of doing something new. One Resident remarked, “Amazing! I loved it all and didn’t want it to end.”

Home Manager, Lesley Nosworthy, remarked, “I was on holiday that day but when I saw the pictures I just thought wow how wonderful it looked.”

“We are going to do our own Olympics soon for the staff to entertain the Residents.”