Residents get dressed up for party at Coventry homeResidents at HC One’s Victoria Gardens had their very own coffee morning today. 

The new wellbeing coordinator at the Coventry home, Joanne, decided to throw a party for the Residents at Victoria Gardens to introduce herself to all.

Invitations were sent out and the Residents put on their best outfits to attend.

They were able to pick their favourite songs from Alexa then spent the afternoon singing, dancing and having lots of fun. 

The Residents commented on how lovely it was, some even saying they hadn’t been to a party in ages. 

Residents enjoyed eating home-made cakes and drinking copious amounts of tea, coffee and lemonade. 

Residents commented on how nice it was to be able to speak to other Residents they wouldn't usually talk to. Two ladies who used to enjoy a natter but hadn’t in a long time were reunited in song and laughter. A lady who doesn’t leave her room very often even joined in too.

Everybody enjoyed getting dressed up and dancing the afternoon away.