Residents keep fit at Glasgow care homeResidents at HC-One’s Quayside care home Yoker, Glasgow were pleased with the recent addition of a mini fitness bike to the home.

Everyone at Quayside has been focussing on leading healthier lives, with the help of the new mini bike, some Residents, especially Joe Devlin, have been working hard to steadily improve their fitness levels using the bike.  
The team provided Joe with a record book where he notes is reps on the bike each day, he said it is great to see the progress he is making written down on paper. Joe commented: “It’s great to get stuck into something, I might ask my family to get me a personal one, I was the fastest runner in the school so love trying to keep moving.”

Quayside Home Manager, Liz Campbell said: “It’s great to see our Residents improving their health and mobility, keeping fit really does improve the physical and emotional wellbeing of everyone.”

Located on Halley Street, Quayside care home offers short and long term care packages for older ladies and gentlemen in Glasgow that require nursing care or nursing memory care for those living with dementia.