Residents nurture empathy dolls at Leicestershire care homeResidents are excited about the arrival of the very first empathy doll at HC-One’s The Willows care home in Hinckley.

Janet is the first Resident to look after him and have lots of cuddles.

She said: “He is very cute and his hair is so soft.”

This is the first of several empathy dolls making their way to The Willows for Residents to nurse and nurture.

Empathy dolls are extremely beneficial to care home Residents, particularly those suffering with Dementia.

They provide a connection to the past and remind people of times when they had young children or pets.

They also help to prevent stress and anxiety by comforting Residents, and sometimes it’s simply a nice feeling just to cuddle something soft.

Residents of The Willows thought their new empathy doll was adorable and they can’t wait to have their turn playing with him.