River Court Resident embraces technologyRiver Court nursing, residential, residential memory care and nursing memory care home, in Watford, have discovered the beauty of technology and how much difference it can make for their Residents. 

Maureen is one of the wonderful Residents at the home, but due to some complications she has to stay in bed most of the time. She has a companion cat which she loves, and Colleagues often show her cat videos on the home’s tablet along with some old music videos which she really enjoys. 

Colleagues spoke to Maureen's daughter and requested if she could give her a tablet which could be kept in her room at all times. 

It's only been a couple of days but having the tablet in her room has made a huge difference to Maureen. She loves listening to Tony Bennett and says it makes her feel alive.

Ioana Moraru-Manole, Care Home Manager, commented, “Maureen is so pleased that she can listen and watch her favourite music artists at all times.” 

“Maureen is more responsive and is so cheerful. She's started to communicate better and she is very cheerful.”