Roby House ‘Employee of the Month’Roby House nursing care home, in Huyton, have started doing employee of the month in September 2021 and they are pleased to announce that month’s winner. 

Zena Hesketh has been awarded the title of ‘Employee of the Month’ for September. 

All staff took part and gave their reasons as to why they nominated the person which was done confidentiality. Zena then received a certificate, trophy and a small gift from the manager as a ‘thank you’, for all their hard work.

Zena was absolutely thrilled for being nominated from all her Colleagues.

Residents were happy that Zena was nominated as they say, “She has the biggest smile!”

Sarah Gashi, Home Manager, commented, “It was lovely to see how well received the nominations were and was very heart-warming reading all the reasons why people were nominating staff. It was also so lovely to see how Zena reacted, she was overjoyed with emotion.”