Roby House celebrates community with wishing treesThe Residents and Colleagues at Roby House nursing care home, in Liverpool, have been crafting for their community wishing tree by creating handprints and leaves, which illustrated their wishes and goals for the new year, to share with everyone in the care home.

For this month, everyone at the home has been focussing on growth and community. 

Colleagues and Residents have been embracing the loving family they have in the home. Charles Buttle, Wellbeing Coordinator, commented, “We thought it would be a fantastic idea to give our community trees a makeover and really explore the sense of community we have at Roby House as well as looking towards the future with everything we have planned!”

For the initial weeks in the new year, both staff and Residents got their creative hats on, paintbrushes at the ready and teamed up for the crafting activities.

In week one, the group first started designing their community hands. This is to symbolise the community at Roby House, everyone coming together and being part of a family.

Charles added, “Everyone has come up with incredible designs, showing their unique character and bold style!”

In week two, Roby House wanted to do something a little bit different. As well as community, they wanted to share their goals and with this in mind, they teamed up together to decorate leaves and wrote all they wanted to achieve for the year for everyone to see. This is to represent growth, change and above all, living your best life!

Charles went on, “We're all incredibly proud of what we have been able to achieve over this month and hope everyone loves it just as much as we do!”

The care team enjoyed taking time out of the day to socialise with the Residents and express their creative side. The Residents also enjoyed the social aspect and spending time with one another with a common interest. 

Deputy Manager, Susan Downey, remarked, “It has lifted Residents’ morale within the home as well as giving them the opportunity to interact on a social level.”