Rockin’ around Sunnyside’s Christmas treeThe Residents at Sunnyside residential and residential memory care home, in Droylsden, have been making decorations for their Christmas tree, and on 1st December the tree was finally put up. 

The Christmas tree has taken place up in the foyer of the care home.  Many Residents were excited to help to decorate it, and especially to place the ones on that that they had made.   

The Residents, including Valerie Rice, Hazel Wright, Mary Howard and Joyce Keeley, Ruth Williams helped to choose the colour of the baubles, and threaded string through them in readiness to hang them up.  

It was an activity that everyone thoroughly enjoyed, and Colleagues used the activity to talk about Christmas' past, and it brought back lots of lovely memories.  

At least 20 residents have made these decorations, some on their own and some with a little help.

Hazel commented on how seeing the beautiful colours on the tree, took her back to her happy childhood days.

Ruth said, “I can't wait for Christmas to come, as my new great-grandson, will enjoy his very first Christmas!”

Kay Harrison, Registered Manager, remarked, “The lights on the tree are lovely and the shop bought decorations, however most people have commented on the lovely decorations, that the residents have made.   They made a lovely job of them.

“It was lovely to see so many Residents join in the activities, and to see how happy the Christmas tree made them.”