Rose Court receive Christmas cards from a college in FranceResidents at Rose Court care home, in Radcliffe, Manchester, received cards this Christmas all the way from France! And everyone was overjoyed reading them. 

The Christmas cards, which were from teacher Sandrunie Dedieu and the pupils at College Germaine Tillian, in Lardy France, had hand drawn pictures and messages which were written for each of the Residents at the 87-bed residential, nursing and dementia care home. 

Everyone was overjoyed when the cards arrived and enjoyed opening and reading the messages inside. 

The Residents have decided they would like to write back to the pupils and hopefully make pen pals.

One of the Residents said, “What a beautiful thought, sharing kind wishes from another country.”

Another Resident added, “How kind, we must keep in contact with the children. We will look forward to reading the letters.”

Allison Porter, Wellbeing Coordinator, commented, “Being thought about from another country was kind. It is nice to see different generations interacting.”