Salford Residents take part in work-related activitiesResidents at HC-One’s Pendleton Court care home, in Greater Manchester, are encouraged to join in and do meaningful tasks within the home. 

This ‘whole home approach’ has encouraged a number of Residents, who often ask to help out in the home doing daily activities such as brushing up, laying tables or any other daily chores, to join in and do something meaningful that they enjoy doing. 

Residents Irene, Elsie, Mair, Elizabeth and Anne all regularly enjoy taking part. One said, “We have kept a tidy happy home all our lives so this is our home now and we enjoy helping out!”

The Residents feel a sense of worth and it is second nature to help out and not have all their independence taken away.

Irene said, “Give me the brush I want to get right under the table,” as she swept up every last piece of paper.

Home Manager, Sandra Nixon, commented, “Our Residents need to feel valued and these jobs may seem small but they massively improve wellbeing.”

“Admin staff have given jobs to put letters in envelopes, and we mean to continue with everyone who wants to join in, as a whole home approach.”