Salisbury Residents connect with local school during lockdownThe Residents really missed seeing the children during this time, so when the restrictions were lifted a little and the children went back to school, the teams put their heads together to see how they could facilitate the visits in a different way. 

Using various platforms to run them remotely, and in collaboration with ALIVE AAA and Harnham Infant School, the home has been able to set up a monthly video call.

Jim Bowie, Home Manager, said, “Our first session started tentatively by saying hello to each other, but everyone soon got used to the format, and the tablet was moved from one Resident to the next for a close-up chat and re-acquaintance with the children who had previously visited.”

“The children then each read a poem and the Residents talked about their favourite poems, some even made one up on the spot.”

Both parties were overjoyed to see each other again and the Residents are delighted to support the children in their education, despite not seeing them in person.

As it was so successful, they have agreed to continue these interactional video call sessions on a monthly basis, with the Residents and the children making suggestions on the topics they want to discuss and create pieces of art to show off to each other.

Residents had some very positive comments about the day including;

“It is so lovely to see the children again, words cannot describe the joy at seeing their smiling faces.”

“I loved hearing their poems and waving to them through the camera.”

Jim Bowie, added, “We are very grateful to Harnham Infants School for helping us maintain this relationship between our Residents and the children – seeing the Residents’ delight and hearing their laughter as they talk to the children is really heart-warming.”