Sandon House’s therapy petsThe Residents at Sandon House home love their animals, so the home’s therapy pets always go down a treat. 

Having lived with animals for many years, prior to coming to Sandon House, Residents often reminisce about them which stimulates good conversation between one another. 

The home has a variety of therapy animals, including dogs, cats and a couple of fish tanks too. The Residents are very involved in this activity and have voted for the names of each of the animals. Some Residents have bird feeders on their windows and really look forward to the birds feeing on them on a morning.

Colleagues have created a picture display of all the pets which has been displayed in the communal area of the home, and Residents regularly stop to admire. 

Jean, who lives at Sandon House, commented, “I love seeing the animals every day, it really cheers me up!”

Lynne Campbell, Care Home Manager, said, “The therapy animals are a real hit with Residents and the communal pet display is a great talking point for all.”