Sandwell Resident marks 90th birthday with surprise visit from husband of 70 yearsMarjorie Moses, who is a Resident at HC-One’s Lyndon Hall care home, celebrated her 90th lockdown birthday with not only Colleagues and fellow Resident, but a surprise visit of her husband of 70 years. 

Marjorie residents on the Dementia Community unit at Lyndon Hall and today received a surprise window visit from Mr Moses. 

Marjorie's husband was a daily visitor at the care home, prior to lockdown, where he would sit with his wife, have lunch together which was followed by an afternoon nap before he went home. 

Daughter Julie, and Mr Moses sat outside as everyone sang ‘Happy Birthday’ and enjoyed a slice of cake wile watching Marjorie opening her presents.

Julie Hurst, Home Manager, said that the best part of the day was, “Seeing Marjorie's face when her husband appeared at the window. Marjorie’s daughter was also very emotional and could not thank staff enough which was wonderful for everyone to hear. It really was a great day filled with so much fun, laughter and a few happy tears.”