September activities at Maple LodgeEarlier this month at Maple Lodge in Staffordshire, which offers residential dementia care, a couple of activities have been taking place for the Residents.

On the first of this month two ladies came into the home to lead an exercise class for all the Residents, they took part in a range of different exercises whilst listening to music. Everybody who took part really enjoyed the classes, with one Resident saying, “It was very refreshing to do these exercise classes and also to enjoy a sing along at the same time”. 

Sarah, the Home Manager said, “Residents appeared to have a wonderful time, it was nice to see them doing something different and enjoying it so much”. 

With all this new exercise going on in the home, it would only feel right to balance that out with some cake decorating! The wellbeing team had brought in a range of different plain cakes, along with coloured icing and various decorations.

Residents could choose what they wanted on the cakes, and very much enjoyed eating them after! With one Resident saying, “It was a very enjoyable afternoon, especially when we could eat the cakes at the end of the day”. 

Sarah went on to say that “All the Residents really enjoyed themselves, it was nice to see them doing something they seemed so happy about”.