Sharston care home Resident storytellerA Resident at HC-One’s Ringway Mews care home, in Wythenshawe, has been reminiscing with the wellbeing Colleagues at the home and would like to share her story…

Mary lives at Ringway Mews care home and she has journeyed back to her childhood years.

In the 1940s, being the older sibling, Mary used to take her younger sister, Margaret, to school and was always told to, “Hold her hand.” Their mother used to always dress them very nicely. Both sisters were given money to buy some liquorice from the corner shop. 

The catholic school was St Ambrose, in Chorlton, and Mary talked about how much she enjoyed school very much and popping home each day on her dinner to have sausages. Her teacher’s name was Mr McKenvey. 

Mary said she had a very happy childhood with her sister and that they had many good memories. 

Mary finished the story with, “I enjoyed telling that.”