Sheffield care home host an afternoon teaAt Swallownest residential and nursing care home, in South Yorkshire, Residents tasted how a ‘proper cup of tea’ should be like today as the afternoon tea trolley came around with plenty of tasty items. 

A selection of luxury biscuits and chocolates were available as well as tea, coffee and juice; Residents especially liked nothing better than a cup of tea in a china cup. See pictured Residents Frank Robins and Beatrice Shields.

One Resident said, “This is what I call a proper cup of tea!”

China cups are always available at the home but Colleagues find on a day to day basis, Residents like a good old mug of English tea and for these to be saved for special occasions. 

Another one of the Residents remarked, “I love the china cups, it reminds me of when we were allowed to go into the parlour when we had guests. Mum always kept our parlour ready for guests even when we wasn’t expecting anyone.”

Amanda Fields, Home Manager, said, “The china cups always bring lovely memories out in our Residents.”