Sheffield care home receive Christmas video from Ridgeway Brownies and GuidesA Christmas video was sent to April Park care home, in Derbyshire, by the local 209th Ridgeway Brownies and Guides who would normally visit the Residents at this festive time. 

The talented children sang, danced and played musical instruments for the Residents and Colleagues to watch. As this had online access, everyone was able to watch and sing along whenever they wanted, as many times as they would like! And Residents comments were very positive;

“Amazing singing!” 

“Look at the decorations and the dressing up.”

Residents enjoyed being able to join in the singing and clapping along with the songs. 

One of the Residents commented, “The children are so clever and the Christmas trees look very pretty.”

Alison Cossey, Home Manager, said, “The children taking time to make the videos for the Residents and Colleagues continues to show the Christmas and community spirit”

“The effort they put in to making a festive video that can be enjoyed over and over again, whether in a communal area or on their own, is simply wonderful.”