Sheffield community comes together to host Easter coffee morningIt was a coffee morning to remember at HC-One’s Swallownest care home, in Sheffield, as the home was overwhelmed with support from the local community to make Easter a fantastic weekend for Residents, Relatives and Colleagues.

For the run-up towards the Easter coffee morning at the 64-bed residential and nursing care home, Colleagues placed some lovely Easter baskets at the entrance with a polite request of donations from the friends and family of Residents.

Everyone was overwhelmed with the amount of wonderful support the home received in response, in the form of volunteering, gifts and heaps of chocolate related treats that were then used to create hampers, which were raffled off as prizes at the coffee morning, which took place on 6th April.

Throughout the event, there was all sorts of wonderful activities taking place, including a cake and bun stall run by one Colleague who kindly offered to help on her day off, along with a previous Residents’ daughter who also volunteered to help out (see pictured bottom right). 

Everyone was overwhelmed with the amount of money we raised, not only through donations but also through selling tickets towards the raffle. 

Evelyn Reintoul, who is a Resident at Swallownest, mentioned how she, “Never has any luck with raffles,” right before being one of the lucky winners! She was very pleased and posed for a photo with her daughter Kath (see pictured left). 

The Residents loved being able to spend time with not only their Relatives but also with their fellow friends in the home, they were able to finally put faces to names and introduce their loved ones to many of their newfound friends.

One of the home’s Residents Doris Allott (pictured right with her family) mentioned just how wonderful it was to be able to see her great granddaughter helping out with drawing the raffle.

Janette Myers, Care Home Manager, commented, “We couldn’t believe how many of our lovely friends came to see us on the day to support our fundraising event.”
“It was heart-warming to see how many of our Residents and their families were able to attend with us, to meet new faces and join together over a cuppa and a sweet treat in celebration of the festive occasion.”